We ONLY sell batteries,..(and battery accessories).

Welcome to your battery shop! We take batteries pretty seriously here at I-Com Battery Supply co.  From the tiniest of coin batteries to the heaviest of industrial batteries - we're serious. Great care and consideration are in every order, sale and/or assembly of any of our batteries. We know that you count on your new battery to do its job,. so we promice that we will do our job and do it right. We are an independant battery specialist company, we ONLY sell BATTERIES,..(and battery accessories), and want to insure that you get longer battery service life.  Our "FACTORY DIRECT" auto,commercial,industrial,consumer,and many other type batteries are researched extensivley and compaired to factory OEM            specs,...exceed those factory OEM specs and are sold with a generous warantee .   Our custom assembled batteries have always been a part of
I-Com Battery Supply co. and are an example of our quality minded work.  Its pretty simple really; quality products, knowledgeable staff and an eagerness to earn your confidence is what we're all about.

Justin Meazell, Owner

We all know "who the boss is",..Its YOU!  
Without you,(our loyal and valued customers) we  couldnt do what we do every day. 
Thank you.